Serving the Peterborough Area for over 40 Years

Four gentlemen from Rayco Refrigeration
John Andela has been active in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry since 1960, establishing his own company in 1970 under the name Rayco Refrigeration Ltd.

Beginning as a one-man operation, operating out of a 1966 Pontiac, Rayco now has a full complement of gas and sheet metal technicians on staff, including complete design facilities, using a very wide variety of components to suit the exacting needs of just about every conceivable cooling and heating requirement.

Rayco has sold, serviced, and installed air conditioning and heat pump systems for small bedrooms, for entire houses for multi-story business premises, for a chocolate factory, for hospitals, and for a newspaper plant requiring in excess of 100 horsepower of compressor capacity.

Rayco would like to help you with your cooling or heating problems, whether large or small, routine or exotic!